Changes on CI-Bonfire

i’ve been a long time fan of Bonfire framework, many of my php projects involving Bonfire as my codebase including, but today, i’ve just git pull the repository to find out and update my clone, and decided to give it a run, and by surprise they changes a lot of the structure, i almost couldn’t recognized.

the change is almost on everything, installation folder, application folder, and codeigniter base system, but one thing i can’t fully understand about public/install folder, i know it’s the ‘face’ of the application, but why?

now the my vhost config have to pointed to apps/public/ instead of apps/ folder it self, because the bootstrap file is in the public

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10 commandments of logging

"simple" guide when you want to write your own logging style

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for installing one gem…

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"raspberry ini untuk ngetik sl titik koma sl tekan enter!"

Athar (3th)

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